Ethics, Character & Discipline


The Ghana Association of Pastoral Care and Counselling (GAPCC) shall practice and maintain the highest standard of biblical conduct and ethics in its practices.
Each member shall be accountable for his/her God-given ministry. The accountability is through voluntary acceptance and practice of the principles and procedures expressed in 1 Timothy 3.


Any formal complaints submitted against GAPCC members must be of importance to bring to the leadership of GAPCC. Should a fellow member of GAPCC or a member of the general public believe a GAPCC member is in violation of good Christian behaviour then they should contact the leadership offices immediately.

Complaints must be written and signed by individuals submitting the complaint. Must provide address and working phone number. Anonymous complaints shall be rejected. (Mt. 18:35). Complaints must be submitted within 6 months of members alleged unethical behaviour to the Administrative Office.

The General Secretary, GAPCC
Presbyterian Head Office
Kuku Hill Osu.