Conference 2018

About Pentecost University College

The vision of the Pentecost University College is to empower students to serve their own generation and posterity with integrity and the fear of God.

The University’s mission is to be on the cutting-edge of the dissemination of knowledge, quality education, research and training for the purpose of producing an excellent human resource base to meet the demands of Ghana’s development.


Ghana Association of Pastoral Care & Counselling is a Body of Pastoral Caregivers & Counselors in Ghana.

Programme Introduction

SME’s are known to drive both the transitional and developed world.

Government agencies and international organizations in many countries are investing in the development of SMEs and even encourage entrepreneurship ecosystems.

This 5 day workshop is designed to strengthen these efforts by sharing the most relevant and up-to-date tools for increasing growth; unlocking sources of capital and improving SME’s access to finance and innovation.

The Programme also takes into account both the national macro environment and the individual micro level.


Who May Attend

  • Decision makers in local & national government
  • Economic development corporations
  • SME’s development authorities
  • Financial institutions
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Graduates & Students



  • Creating growth through Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship in the frontline of people lives
  • The Ghanaian Youth in Business
  • Segregation against women in Entrepreneurship
  • Innovations in Business Financing
  • The Ghanaian Concept of Business
  • Entrepreneurship: The Ghanaian Experience
  • Doing Genuine Business in Ghana Today: Greatest Challenges



Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Strategy for Micro Business

  • Understand the nature of creativity and innovation
  • Understand the importance of producing a properly structured business plan as part of the preparation process of starting a new business.
  • Marketing Strategy Formulation
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Business Development for Macro Business

  • Understanding Entrepreneurship
  • New venture creation and entrepreneurial management
  • Innovation and Creativity and Enterprising Culture
  • Encouraging the growth and development of businesses

Study Tours

  • To government agencies


  • 5 days

Cost –

All prices include (Registration Fee, Accommodation , Feeding and Stationery) for the whole Business Expo period.
  • Standard with AC / Fridge / TV                                    (Gh₵ 450.00)
  • Standard with Fan / Fridge / TV                                  (Gh₵ 400.00)
  • Dormitory Type                                                               (Gh₵ 250.00)

*Please Note: Limited Accommodation Space; First come, First served will be applied.


Certificates will be awarded to participants



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